Revolutionizing The

Restroom Experience


Venue Revenue

Most venues don’t have any advertising in the restroom, and the ones that do are using static print models which are limited in terms of revenue potential. Our system requires a small, upfront capital investment and will provide a 10 - 20 times multiplier to revenue. We have defined our offer to venues to emphasize our partnership, and share in both the installation investment and the upside of advertising revenue.

Try our Revenue Calculator to see how much additional advertising revenue our model can bring to your venue.

Venue Revenue Calculator
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Fan Experience

As technological improvements continue to make streaming and broadcasting a more desirable viewing experience, creating a better live experience is becoming more essential for venues to attract fans. The restroom is often an overlooked component of the fan experience, and our high-definition displays can deliver a much-needed face-lift to this area.

In a historically uncomfortable environment, 98% fans react favorably to viewing our displays. Our product provides clean, convenient storage for concession items and belongings, as well as an entertaining focal point in a space that traditionally lacks entertainment.


Cross Promotions

Our displays can bring a valuable addition to the internal promotions department. Through our flexible, easy-to-use portal, venues can streamline cross-selling efforts by uploading or changing promotional content at any time.

  • Promote upcoming shows and events.
  • Promote food and beverage sales.
  • Promote sponsorship sales.
  • Promote ticket and seat solutions.
  • Promote merchandising and licensing.