Reach Fans in a

Whole New Way


Brand Affiliation

Sports sponsorship has proven to be effective in building both brand awareness and brand affinity. Fans are passionate for their local team and that passion carries over to affiliated brands. Shown below is research from a Learfield/Turnkey Intelligence Study.

  • 69% would consider switching brands or buying habits to support a sponsor of their favorite team.
  • 68% are proud to utilize the products and services of their team’s sponsors.
  • 64% say a company’s sponsorship of their favorite team has a positive effect on how they perceive that company.


Entry Price Point

Getting exposure in the nation’s most prestigious venues has never been more affordable. Our pricing is 200% cheaper than the average entry price point of the annual bundled packages inside these venues.

Engaging with

Captive Audiences

The restroom is a uniquely uncluttered location where brands can capture the undivided attention of consumers who are actively seeking some form of entertainment.

  • 98% of fans react favorably to seeing our displays.
  • 84% were able to recall specific messaging shown on our displays.
  • The average fan uses the restroom 2.7 times during each event.
  • Fans, on average, interact with our displays for 90 seconds at a time.

Flexibility For

Specific Targeting

Our platform gives advertisers the flexibility to change creative at any point or upload multiple ads to target different audiences.

  • Target by gender. Show different ads in men’s vs. women’s restrooms.
  • Target by section. Show different ads in higher vs. lower-priced areas.
  • Target by lifestyle. Show different ads at concerts vs. sporting events.
  • Target by season. Show different ads at different times of the year.