Our Solution

The effectiveness of iSite Media’s captivated restroom audience has become more
significant to brand marketers. While out-of-home is one of the original advertising mediums,
iSite’s digital advancements are continually introduced to give consumers the dynamic interactivity,
social connectivity, and relevant local brand messaging they value, in real time, driven by
data that provides transparent authenticity to advertisers.


Providing an engaging experience to a captive audience.


Eliminating fraudulent impressions levels while increasing viewability through real data sets.


Utilizing familiar ad buying techniques to connect with viewers through emotionally targeted campaigns.

Target Your Audience

iSite Media provides a bridge between content and consumer. We rank high in relevance and favorable recall - vital components of any media campaign, due to our high level impact and location flexibility, relevant to each unique environment outside the home. Success is driven by reaching the right viewers.


Target content with a
gender specific message.


React to an audience
segment near our displays.


Relate to people inside
a geographic community.

Point of Purchase

Connect with consumers at
a point of purchase.


We've Worked With

Our Local to National advertising clients have trusted in our network and received a highly targeted and verifiable solution.
Don't hesitate to join our happy customer team.

Becoming A Partner

Is your establishment a high traffic destination that prides itself on providing its guests with an
unparalleled experience? Contact us today for information on our capital improvement that pays.


Providing visitors with entertainment and convenience in an otherwise awkward scenario.


Turning dead space into a technology attraction.


Zero financial investment with nothing but upside.


Current Partnerships

Elite venues with an extraordinary restroom experience. iSite’s partnership network is expanding constantly.

Management Team

The success of an organization depends on our staff
and how much they love their job!

BRIAN LORDManaging Partner

Brian manages the strategic relationships, business development and revenue generation for iSite Media. Prior to co-founding iSite, Brian co-founded, grew and successfully sold a Chicago startup during the great economic recession. Brian is one of very few individuals in the world with 5+ years of publishing experience in the restroom advertising industry. He also has expertise in growing a business to scale, contract negotiations, sales management, advertising and business development.

KIM ROHLFINGManaging Partner

Kim manages the operations and research of new industry trends and its implementation into our product’s solution. Kim has 5+ year of industry experience from co-founding and growing the largest restroom advertising company in the region. In addition, Kim oversees the advertising client experience and manages each aspect of the ad design process. Kim brings experience in R&D, launching new products, client relations, graphic design and marketing.


Chris joined iSite to serve as CFO after working at Golden Mean Capital Partners, an investment firm focused on African agriculture with offices in San Francisco and Johannesburg. Chris brings seven years of experience working with growing businesses, as well as governmental agencies and non-governmental economic development organizations. Chris performed numerous business advisory services, due diligence, financial modeling, value chain analysis, and monitoring and evaluation on a variety of early-stage companies and projects across eight countries in Africa.


Franki is iSite’s User Interface Designer with more than a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 companies. Franki is instrumental in the utilization of design thinking and strategy to create engaging user experiences. Franki holds a Masters of Fine Arts from the Prestigious International Fine Arts
College in Miami, FL.


Ruben is iSite’s Mobile and Web Developer. Prior to joining iSite, Ruben worked for Raytheon and Asynchrony as a software engineer and mobile developer, respectively. Ruben holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a MA in Teaching from The Johns Hopkins University.

TIM HAMERSr. Developer

Tim is iSite’s lead software developer with more than 15 years of Agile experience. He specializes in mobile development and sensor integration. Tim has consulted for Fortune 100 companies and organizations in the defense, healthcare and financial sectors. Tim received a BA in Computer Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis.


We go where the people go

iSite Media (previously Sitting Duck Advertising) was started in 2012 by its two founders with one simple question to answer…
Where do I put my drink when I use a public restroom at my favorite watering hole? This was a simple concept that started the
ideation around not only how to solve this obvious issue, but also how to monetize the solution for both their customers and advertisers alike...